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Drop off Pick Up

Parking, Student Loading/Unloading Zone and Student Walking Information: 

As we all know, traffic and parking at the beginning of the day and at dismissal are busy. Safety is our first and foremost concern and with visitor parking sharing the same lot as our loading/unloading zone we want to continue to make sure we are providing the safest route to get students to and from school. We appreciate your support and help carrying out these procedures.
Bus loading and unloading – Students line up for bus transportations on the K/1 playground, located on the east side of the building. During the first several days of school, busses are often delayed dropping off students at their home stop. Thank you for your patience as we all learn new routines.
Student loading and unloading (Valet) – Our valet pick up and drop off is the safest and most convenient way to pick up your student(s). You can enter the valet line on the far northwest corner of the building. Your child will be safely escorted to and from your car by one of our Supervisory Assistants. If you have marked your student as “Valet” on our green transportation form your student will be escorted out to the 2/3 playground into our valet area.
Walkers – All students marked as walkers on our green transportation form will exit the building through the front doors. Walkers must cross at the crosswalk on the corner of 8th and Adams. Please encourage your child to walk against traffic and stay to the side of the road.  We’d love for you to walk your student the first few days and teach them safe walking behaviors.  
If you plan to wait for your student by the front doors, please find a designated area for your student to meet you. There is a large amount of people at the end of the school day at the front of the building and we want ensure each student gets home safely. 
Visitor parking – If you want to park and pick up your child, please park in the parking lot and walk to greet your student on the sidewalk.  Escorting your child safely across the parking lot is required.  We highly encourage the use of valet pick up.